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Products in practice

Solon AG – Production and administration building Adlershof

Solon AG, Werk Adlershof - Bild: Solon AG

For his new head office in Berlin-Adlershof the solar technology specialist Solon puts particular emphasis on a minimum energy consumption and the application of regenerative energy sources. Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch, director of the Institut für Gebäude- und Solartechnik (IGS) at the TU Braunschweig and head of the EGSplan GmbH, Stuttgart, developped therefore a novel energy and climate concept. VIP/QASA sandwich elements from VARIOTEC are of a big importance due to their multiple functions.

  • Laying of the foundation stone July 2007
  • Completion spring 2008
  • 23.000 m2 useable surface

Passive house Hörgertshausen

Passivhaus Hörgertshausen

Housing estate Leipzig

Wohnanlage München

  • Arbour entrance doors
  • Sound insulation: 37 dB
  • Up68 = 0,99 W/m2K
  • Hygrothermical test according to conditioned atmosphere c, d, e
  • Tolerance class 4

Burse, Wuppertal

Burse Wuppertal

  • Floor-to-ceiling passive house windows, type ENERGYFRAME
  • UW = 0,80 W/m2K with an increased requirement for wind and driving rain tightness for 320 apartments
  • Architects Müller, Schlüter

Passive house residential estate GeWoG Leverkusen

Passivhaussiedlung GeWoG Leverkusen

  • 720 certified passive house windows, type ENERGYFRAME I
  • UW installation = 0,84 W/m²K
  • Housing estate with 54 certified passive house doors
  • Architect Rössing

Montessori School Erding

Montessori-Schule Erding

  • Passive house technology with ENERGYFRAME I and Thermosafe doors with special light openings
  • Architects Waldbrunn, Grotz, Loibl, Vallentin Gernot

World wide first vacuum-insulated zero-energy house
in modular prefabricated wood-concrete mixed construction

Vakuumgedämmtes Nullheizenergiehaus

  • Certified passive house windows Energyframe type EF IV wood-aluminium
  • Certified passive hous doors type Thermosafe
  • Verschattung by inlying shutter in triple glazing
  • VIP/QASA insulated floor slab
  • VIP/QASA insulated roof and wall elements
  • Passive cooling by the KKS system
  • Architect Martin Forstner (see 3Sat-Film "Warme Bude")
  • Building for the future

Data evaluation and monitoring in the VARIOTEC research house since Jan. 2006 through the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE:

  1. Comfort passive house
    with individual controllable room air temperature concept, CO2controlled
  2. Complete building envelope of Vacuum Insulation Panels
    this means a living space gain of min. 10 %
  3. Allergy compliant conception
    Selected raw materials for interior work, (bamboo, glass, aluminium, spruce, upstream air, respect. pollen filter)
  4. Regulated ventilation system with exhaust air heat recovery (degree of efficiency 82 - 86 %)
  5. Barrier free living area respect. interior work conception
    Variable multigenerational house
  6. Closed water circulation
    Membrane small sewage works for WC, garden, etc.
  7. Residual heat coverage by solar heating balance storage in the summer semester in warm water cisterns
  8. Phase-change material (PCM)
    for latent heat storage, switching temperature 23 – 27 °C
  9. Passive room cooling
    by the KKS system with a rainwater cooling cistern, temporary discharge of the PCM > 27 °C
  10. Comfort climate
    no radiation asymmetry, no draft, regulated and filtered fresh air, optimal room air humidity(40 – 50 % rel. air humidity), no convection with dry heating air, no condensate, as no thermal bridges and consequently no mildew

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